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Whether your pipeline requires cleaning prior to a corrosion, or to increase throughput or reduce corrosion, NSR SUN offers an appropriate service for you.

We offers several different types of pipe internal hydrojetting equipment and processes. These processes include the use of rotating nozzles, driven forward by the nozzle or with the assistance of compressed air or mechanical attachments and allowances for whirling effects.



Hydrojetting also known as water jetting involves using high and ultra high pressure water to clean and remove clogs in open and enclosed areas, scale, silt, sand and grease build-up on the inside walls of pipes.

We offer hydrojetting services as a package which comes with qualified and well experienced hydro blasters, pump operators and pumps with the pressure up to 40,000 psi used for the following applications:

- Cleaning of ship hulls.
- Cleaning of superstructures and on-board equipment
- Cleaning of ballast tank
- Cleaning of tanks, vessels and internal pipe systems
- Surface preparation prior to coating application
- Removal of deteriorated protective coating system
- Spot repair on partially deteriorated coating systems
- Selective paint stripping
- Cleaning and descaling of weld seams
- Emission-free surface preparation on ship hulls and superstrcutures.


Cold cutting using ultra high pressure water jetting makes short work of cutting steel, concrete or composite materials. Using ultra high pressure pumps along with water jet abrasives and water jet systems allows cold cutting of most any hard materials with virtually no dust and minimal shavings.

Cutting steel or composite materials using saws or grinding methods produces heat, loud noise and sharp shavings. When you use cold cutting water jet methods for cutting these materials, you won't be faced with the loud noises, the heat that is produced, you won't require cutting oils and you won't have long sharp shavings to contend with.



Sandblasting is the best method of cleaning ship surfaces. With a use of solid particles, forced on a surface with high speed, extraordinary results can be achieved. With a use of this method, everything can be cleaned, including difficult areas



Most chemical cleaning of boilers consist of acid pickling and neutralization.

The choice of acid is dependent on the fuel-type and age of the boiler. The process ends with the completion of neutralization is through control of stabilizing the pH value.

The disposal of waste is carried out approriately by professional waste managements.


Painting the ship isolates the steel from the corrosive media. The paint also be resistant to the marine environment and the application strictly controlled to ensure full and effective coverage of the steel. Regular inspection and repair of the coating may be necessary to achieve reliable and lasting protection.

We provide both painting and inspection services for long lasting anti corrosions.



The entry into confined spaces such as tanks, reactors and closed industrial vessels are governed by regulations and guidelines aimed to protect workers who enter these confined spaces from asphyxiation and other hazards of an environment not safe for people to work in.

Tanks, which may contain hazardous acids, caustics, chemicals and various product vessels, are cleaned for safe disposal.

The Automatic Tank Internal Cleaner (3D Head) can clean of autoclaves, storage tanks, reactor vessels, agitators, crude oil tanks and distillation towers safely.

The 3D Head will rotate and direct high pressure water jet to impact internal surfaces of the vessel, providing a faster and lesser hazardous process.

The Automatic Tank Internal Cleaner (3D Head) can clean tank up to 12m diameters with the help of telescoping and rigid boom that attached on.